Hello world!

This is it!

I have finally decided that I should enter the exciting blogosphere world!

I myself am an avid googler and searcher of all things exciting and popular and fun and educational.

My life, like everyone else’s, is full of so many interesting people, places, and things.  I am hoping to share my joys and my sorrows (which I am hoping are few and far far between). Life is a wonderful adventure and with my husband (a.k.a. wiseguy) of 15 years, he has been the one that makes me laugh and has always been the one that could bring me out of a slump or make me laugh until my stomach ached.  I’m a lucky girl for that.

Also, I am wife number two.  It’s a neat position to have in that I have happily become the proud stepmom or 3 grown children.  Being part of their lives for the past 15 years has also been an experience in and unto itself.  And I can tell you, I am sure they think the same thing.  Love you guys!

And with older children comes the wonderful part of life where we get to be in-laws to two wonderful girls and also grandparents to an amazingly beautiful, funny, smart, talented, and loving huggy granddaughter.  Best job EVER.  grandparent.  recommend that highly.

So, this is it!

Welcome to my blog and to my life.  I am happy to be able to share with you the interesting view I have of life and my opinions on it as well. Agree or disagree with me, it makes for an interesting read.

I welcome myself to the Land of Blogs and am really excited about my new journey into the realm of the unknown.  Computer illiterate…yes, that would be me.  I welcome anyone willing to spend any minute amount of time actually wondering what has gotten into my head on a daily basis.   (We’ll work through the cobwebs and the derailed trains of thought together.)

Looking forward to newfound friends and intriguing commentaries.  Enjoy because…this is it!