Crack…for Elders

Although I am not a drug user…not a smoker (anymore…another story).  I actually don’t know what drugs are out there.  I learn, unbeknownst to me, by watching CSI or some other crime show.  I hear about these things called “Mary Janes” which I always believed were shoes.  Then there is something about “roofies” which I learned about from watching the movie “The Hangover“.  I always figured they were the jumper kids that have that amazing ability to bounce around from rooftop to ground.  Amazing!  Then I heard about this thing called “crack”…I had heard about Cocaine but “crack” just reminded me about childhood jokes about bums.  Literally…your bum bum.  Oh yes…I am the original Polly-Anna (for those who grew up on the Disney Sunday afternoon show you will understand that reference.  For those who didn’t, I am the girl (now grown up woman) who was shocked that people I knew injected or smoked stuff that I only saw criminals getting jailed for on tv.  Oh yes.  That was and is me.  Please note:  I do not judge.  Marijuana is pretty commonplace nowadays although it is illegal.  And cigarettes are now renamed and buried behind metal cabinets.  There are real daily “crack” substances that are not illegal and yet can lead to many financial foes…and this is my story.

I confess that I have my own “crack” hit.  It’s not smoked.  It’s not stolen but it sure makes a hit on my bank account.  I was introduced to a store called “Sephora”.  I researched the name.  It means “bird”.  That would mean freedom to most, but for the makeup hound, Sephora is like a gambling casino.  You walk in.  Beautiful people greet you and they are ready to help you in any way possible.  It is like a dessert wanderer walking into a bar and asking for water….any water….and then you are advised that you are in the Holy Land and any kind of water you want is there for you.  They will help you in any way possible.  You get a little basket.  They walk you through temptation.  They even apply the the sacred ointments upon your skin.  You feel like a goddess!  All your imperfections will be annihilated.  All your wrinkles will be forlorn.  You will have less wrinkles, your skin will glow.  You will sleep better.  Your eyeballs and earlobes will  breathe better.  Ok…I’m making that up…but seriously….they are incredible!  You will feel so remarkable spending $200.00 there because they understand and know what you would like to look like and feel like.

Then one day, this sheep, who realized she had to spend surreptitious amounts of funds, was asked quite bluntly by a three year old, “Why do you wear makeup?”  To which I replied, “to look beautiful?:   The smarter of us replied…yes…the three year old:  “You already are beautiful.”  Ahem…excuse me?  I must admit I am not a vain person.  I have gone from a size 6 to a size…plus oops…and been fine.  My face…very different story.  I started with a simple mascara that my aunt sent to me as a gift which my mother forbade me to wear.  I borrowed makeup from girlfriends at school and accidentally forgot to wipe it off before I got off the bus one day.  My  sister, bless her heart, got me a blush compact for my 14th birthday.  Now I was armed with both blush and mascara (and Chapstick…so cool).  I had never heard of moisturizer, face wash (lucky if a ever got a zit).  So my routine as a child…nothing.  Yup, quite simple.

Aging…for some reason, we women aren’t allowed to age.  Not sure why.  I started using expensive “crack” moisturizer and then foundation and then bronzer and then other stuff and realized that I wanted to be old and wrinkly.  I love my laugh lines.  Those lines mean I have laughed a lot and enjoyed life.  My neck is wrinkly because I am getting older.  There are now four beautiful happy and excited grandchildren in my life under the age of 6.  I am aging and I don’t want to be preserved.  I am allowed to be comfortable in my own skin.

Note:  Having said that, I will admit that I will NOT let myself go grey yet.  I have been greying since I was 20 years old but colouring my hair from red to blonde to brown to purple makes me feel happy and adventurous.  When I decide I’m ready for grey I’ll go whole hog.   I will not feel bad when I take a selfie and see all my wrinkles.  I used to feel like I was 23 years old, but times have changed.  Now I feel like I’m 45 which you is pretty good because I am actually going to be 47 in a few weeks.

So, why am I sharing this with you?  I believe that many women have the same dilemma.  We believe in the secret (sacred) serum…the elixir of youth.  Ads, magazines, movie stars, etc. etc.  What is a woman to do?

My very own opinion:  Do what makes you feel happy.  I will not preach that you shouldn’t follow fad diets.  I will not judge you if you prefer cosmetic surgery.  I will not judge you if you love “makeup crack” as much as I do.  In the end, life is a journey that should be filled with happiness.  So, if the “crack” you have doesn’t leave you broke then go for it!  We only live once.

P.S.  I LOVE  SEPHORA!  Yes, although it reads like I wish I was never there…my problem.  The staff there are wonderful.  The quality of the products are the best.  The staff are superbly friendly and well trained.  Kudos to the Sephora company.  Started in France and have arrived in North America.  Your store layout and your knowledgeable staff set you apart.  (note:  I have worked retail and truly appreciate good service.  Yours is phenomenal).

P.P.S. To my dearest husband.  Yes, I have makeup “crack” or “crackup” addiction.  Luckily, I have finally purchased all I need.

P.P.P.S.  Note:  You might like some of their great products…let me know if you are interested….I have a bonus points card.  (smiley face)

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