Flower or Weed?

I have decided, after looking outside my window, that I like dandelions.  Yes, call me crazy, but looking at the beautiful, green grass and seeing dots of yellow just screaming out “Look at me!  Look how bright and pretty I am!  Don’t you just love spring when you see me?”  Yes, they talk to me.  Really, I do hear them.

So I started wondering, who decided that green, beautifully manicured lawns were better than the blanket of dandelions?  Does no one see the benefits of dandelions?  Who declared them to be weeds and comdemned them to death anyway?

I decided that perhaps I should research this phenomenon.  I really did not come up with much information.  Not much concerning their ultimate demise, but I did find some other really good information as to why we SHOULD let them procreate and tint our world a lively, bright, yellow.

Did you know that the English word dandelion is actually taken from the French dent de lion which translated means “lion’s tooth”?   The coarse leaves of the dandelion are jagged, like a lion’s tooth.  Hmmm, interesting.  Then I recalled my father talking to someone about dandelion wine.  These lovely buds can’t be all that bad if you can make a fermented drink out of them.  I have heard people make tea from dandelion leaves as well.  Then there are the many recipes of dandelion salad.  Personally, I think it might be a bit bitter for my taste, but to each their own right? 

For the environmentalist, I give you this little tidbit:  dandelions provide an important source of nectar and pollen early in the spring season for bees.  You recall the bee fear of 2009?  NO bees means NO pollination and eventual death to mankind.  See?  Dandelions are very important. 

Don’t you love the sky after dandelions dry out and these beautiful little white fluffs go floating around everywhere in the sky?   It looks like snow (for those who prefer snowy weather).  How beautiful!  (Unless you have allergies, then not so much.  sorry)

My dandelion sources (mainly wikipedia) also state that dandelions have medicinal properties and are used to treat infections and liver problems.  Who knew? 

For those who prefer not to mow their lawns (you know, for ecofriendly reasons) you don’t have to worry about it when there is dandelion power in your backyard.  Once those wonder flowers start spreading and sprouting, you will have a beautiful sea of yellow and subsequently…no more lawn!  No lawn means…no need to mow!

Well, I think I have made my point.  Next time you decide you want to choke out the dandelions, think about the automatic, low maintenance beauty they provide to every lawn.

But now….it’s extermination time!  Time to rip out and weed out those doggone creeping charlie plants that are suffocating my dandelions.  Drat! I can’t stand weeds!