Spring Cleaning?

There is something about warmer weather that gets my purging juices flowing.  I walk into every room of my home and look at all our belongings.  All my collections.  All my hoarding, as it would be.  Then the quandry begins…which room should I start in?

I have this wonderful habit of starting in one room and then as I carry something off to another room, I continue to work in the new location until I again move something to another room.  Then I wander out and start again.  This could explain why, after nine years in this house, I still have more items than I had when we moved in.  It is understandable.  We did have many goodies before we moved into our new old house.  Grandma moved in with us.  That was a bedroom of stuff.  Then my father-in-law (FIL for short) came to live with us.  That was a whole other household of items.  Pack it in.  (I believe we increased Rubbermaids sales by at last 300% that year by purchasing storage bins.)  After FIL sold his cottage…yup….more items migrated into our home. 

You can understand how every spring I feel the urge..no…the NEED to expunge everything.  I wish to see my floors again and corners in rooms.  I want to see what my house would look like if it was a modern minimalist place.  And then I remember…I am a hoarder.  Definitely something I inherited from my mother.  She is a hoarder too.  My sister is a hoarder.  We live in denial though.  It’s not “hoarding” it’s keeping memories alive.  Sadly, they are tangible memories and not mind stored memories.

Something on sale?  Buy 20 of them…ya never know when it will go on sale again.  (It’s usually on sale again within a month, but you never know right?)  Wiseguy’s favourite joke is about getting shopping carts for our basement so that people can go grocery shopping when they drop by.  (dripping with sarcasm.  Very funny Honey)

This year I am promising myself that the purge will begin and I will find my home beneath the piles.  Not piles really….just labelled bins of surprises.  Oh look..all our birthday and anniversary and other greeting fun cards….oh look….the handmade gifts the kids presented us with.  What’s this?  A Rubbermaid box of yarn?  Sure I’ll learn to knit.  This year even.  Awwww… look at the pretty christmas ornaments…some broken but they were Mom’s.  Can’t part with those.  Yes…this is how ‘purging’ finally ends up being ‘storing’.

This year is going to be different!  I can feel it!

 Maybe I’ll just lie down until that feeling goes away.

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