Beware, contagious

Have you ever noticed the impact of a yawn on people around you?  All it takes is one person to start yawning and then it becomes like a giant wave.  It goes around full circle, everyone yawning one by one.  Even if you try to stifle it, you get that funny bug-eyed look while you try to clench your jaws shut.  Better to just let it go I say!

That’s how I feel about smiles.  Smiles are very interesting.  I learned that smiling actually uses less muscles than frowning.  Interesting right?  Smiles are also contagious.

I am a smiler.  Have been for a long, long time.  I love to smile.  I feel better when I smile.  Even if I am having a bad day, finding something that will make me smile just lifts my spirits.  When I go shopping, I smile at the cashiers.  When I am at family functions, I smile.  When I am at work, I smile.

I have been told that my teeth are really white.  People want to know if I use whiteners or something else to keep them so pearly white.  I tell them, “No.  I just smile a lot.”  Crazy theory, but I like it!

Smile!  Pass it along!

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