Purge of 2016

After years of accumulating stuff and things and needed items, our house has become a hoarder’s dream (and my nightmare).  To be completely honest, when starting our new life together with nothing except a room to rent and a bed to sleep in (mind you, it was brand spankin’ new!) the pursuit of needed items became my main goal.  Now, after 20 years, I am ready to review the necessity of our belongings.  I am mentally prepared and slowly limbering up for the PURGE OF 2016!  Yes!   This will become a glorious and monumental memory that we shall cherish forever!  At least, I thought we would.  When actually touching items and deciding if they could be discarded and banished from my life forever, I found that every item had a memory and a touching story attached.  How does one part with things that are actually moments etched in the storybook of your life?

Purging is a commonplace word nowadays.  Purge your body of bad food intake with a 7-day cleanse.  Yoga…to purge the mind of everyday stresses and old negative thoughts.  You thought IKEA was space conscious, you should check out the new Tiny House movement.

Hubby and I were the opposite. We went from a one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom semi-detached home to a single home with seven bedrooms.  Oh yes!  Seven bedrooms which would accommodate our growing family.  Total count:  Me, Wiseguy, his father, Wiseguy’s grandmother, two sons, and a daughter.  Check, check, and check!  A room for one and all.  This also meant more items being brought into the humble abode.  As life changes so do the items in your keepsake arsenal.

When my mother-in-law passed away my father-in-law moved in with us.  That meant 50 years of accumulated treasures and keepsakes.  He sold the cottage.  More items transported into the home.  I myself was cooking with enthusiasm and vigour which also introduced me to many new kitchen appliances and toys.   (Kitchen gadgets are my drug of choice…first even before my Sephora make-up “crack” addiction).  After years of planning, purchasing, collecting and storing how does one begin to cut the umbilicle cord of memories?

I will now show you an item that should be discarded.  As a sane human being, if someone showed me this particular piece I would look at them askew and ask why they still have this piece of dreck to begin with.  It’s absolutely asinine to keep this.  Here is the item I refer to:


This is a container that used to have Coca-Cola in it.  I received this at a fair that we used to go to called the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition).  From what I can recall (as I was at a tender tween age), this particular drink was purchased when my brothers, sister and I were at said CNE and we went to the Food Building and got pizza (we must’ve had a coupon).  I think it also came with free refills.  This is junk right?  NOPE!

Above are three pictures showing different angles of this plastic soda pop container.  The first picture shows the container in its full glory.  The second shot shows how I had devised a way to store straws so that I could keep them dust free.  This had started when Wiseguy and I had first moved in together.  Limited space meant using stuff in an ingenious way.  The third picture shows how I had created an enticing way for the kids to get straws.  We would tip the container and try to guess what colour straw would come out.  Sounds silly, but for some reason this has become a weird tradition.

Historically, traditions are passed from generation to generation.  They date back years, decades, centuries, etc.  My fantastically absurd way of getting a straw was my way of entertaining my stepchildren.  We had no money to do fun stuff so I was always trying to think up new ways to challenge their minds and create interesting new games.  This straw game has now gone from stepchildren to grandchildren.

Kennie, being the eldest grandchild, was shown this trick by her mother (my stepdaughter).  She was fascinated!  Now, she knows where this old container is and shares it with her little sister and younger cousins.  It’s like magic!

I’m holding this ridiculous straw container in my hand.  It’s really old, junky and I could buy a lovely glass container to hold my straws.  I could easily discard this space invader and keep the memories of this CNE memento.  I would always remember the magical memories it held for me with each child that used it in awe.  However, seeing it in my cupboard and knowing that one of the four grandchildren would grab for it, I hesitate to discard it.  If it came to a purge vote would it be IN to keep or OUT to purge?

What do you think?












I’ll give you less than two minutes

The older I get, the more I appreciate a good commercial.  It’s true.  If I am going to be sitting and waiting for my show to return, I want to be entertained.  If that commercial can make me laugh, even better.  The average length of a commercial is one minute.  The maximum time for an ad is 1 minute and 30 seconds.  That is just enough time for you advertisers to assault my visual and aural senses and keep me entertained.  Right now I must say that my top three are as follows:

The Old Spice commercial with Isaiah Mustafa – “Look at me, now look at your man”

Ikea winter clearance commercial – “Start the Car…woooooo”

How about Malibu Rum?  There are a few of them, but this was the first one I saw. 

Depending on your age group, you might recall any number of oldies but goodies.  Remember the Leon’s “miracle” commercials?  Lady standing in front of washer “you put it in dry, it comes out wet.”  Then she points to the drier, “you put it in wet, it comes out dry.  It’s a miracle”.  See, I thought that was very creative.  In the olden days there was one commercial that all of us knew word for word.  It was for Calgon water softener powder.  Actually, I still know all the words.  Oldie but a goodie right?

For people who LOVE good commercials (guilty as charged) there is a celebratory time of year when advertising agencies go for the gusto to create the primo commercial that shall go down in ad history.  This time of year is fondly referred to as “Superbowl”.  Yes, I love Superbowl!  I anxiously await for the game to stop so that I can watch all the great commercials.  My winner from the Superbowl last year, was from Best Buy (careful….F-bomb dropped in this one).  It features Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Bieber.  It’s just over one minute long, but just hilarious (well, for me anyway).

There is one other commercial that I would like to share.  It’s short.  It has no spoken words.  The actions say it all.  Let’s just say that sometimes you need to know when to SHARE (or how to negotiate).